Book Challenge

I’m very excited about going to my first book signing next year and I have set myself a little challenge. I want to read at least one book by every attending author.

This is the list of authors so far and I currently own at least 1 book by all of these wonderful authors but up to now I have probably only read 9 or 10. I haven’t specifically been following this list alphabetical, just by what I’m in the mood for. Wish me luck! 🙂

Mia Asher
Whitney Barbetti
JL Berg
Anna Bloom
Natasha Boyd
K Bromberg
Rachel Brookes
Elle Brooks
Tara Brown
Chelsea M Cameron
LA Casey
Claire Contreras
LH Cosway
Jay Crownover
JM Darhower
Beth Ehemann
Kelly Elliott
Beth Flynn
Jennifer Foor
TM Frazier
Kitty French
KM Golland
RS Grey
RL Griffin
TJ Hamilton
Emma Hart
SK Hartley
Kim Holden
Sophie Jackson
Carmen Jenner
Jani Kay
Geneva Lee
Nina Levine
KA Linde
Felicia Lynn
M Mabie
Jodi Ellen Malpas
Meghan March
Aly Martinez
Jay McLean
Corinne Michaels
Erin Noelle
Laurelin Paige
RJ Prescott
Natasha Preston
Kristen Proby
Penny Reid
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Lexi Ryan
Sierra Simone
Harper Sloan
Samantha Towle
KA Tucker
Rachel Van Dyken
Samantha Young

More to be added when announced.

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