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Excess Baggage, the second chance romantic comedy from Amazon best selling author Laura Barnard, is now available on Audible and soon to be iTunes!

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Stuck in a dead-end relationship, Erica Bennett finds herself daydreaming of her first holiday romance. She was fifteen, it was exciting, new and full of possibilities…and Jack Lawson was hot as hell. That kind of thing leaves a mark.

So when her friends suggest a girls holiday to Luna Island, it’s exactly what she needs to take her mind off things. What she doesn’t expect is to spot Jack – a much older, hotter version of him – across the hotel lobby.

Their attraction is still there and it isn’t long before sparks fly, but fifteen years is a long time. They aren’t the same people they were back then and besides, it’s only a week, right?

Is it a second chance at something real or will their excess baggage ruin their shot at love after they leave Luna Island?


My Review

Excess Baggage by Laura Barnard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A purely British laugh out loud romantic comedy.

Laura Barnard has graced us with this funny, loveable new summer romance. A perfect read for the beach.

When they were teenagers, Erica and Jack met while on holiday with their parents. Cue instant broken hearts. Skip ahead to years later when they meet again when they turn up at the same holiday resort. After years apart the feelings are still there but there are many obstacles still destined to keep them apart.

I enjoyed reading Excess Baggage. It’s very well written and the story flowed quite well. The characters are really sweet and funny and I think everyone with a close group of friends can relate.

I would definitely recommend reading it.

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