I’ve put together this list of some of my favourite books to date.

I’ll keep updating when I can.


I absolutely adore the Twilight series, it’s what got me back in to reading when I was a teenager and it is still my favourite series to date.

New Moon:
Breaking Dawn:


Cara Dee
Anything from this amazing lady is fantastic! I was first introduced to Cara Dee through fanfiction (twilight, of course) and I couldn’t get enough of her words. When she started publishing, I was right there with her. I love her and her words. She is a superstar!

Here is a link to a couple of my absolute favourites and her Amazon page so you can check out all her work. You will not be disappointed.

The Touch Series:
Power Play:
Their Boy:

Amazon Page:


Kim Holden
This was the first book that I read were it had stuck with me for so long I was unable to read anything else for a while. Kim is also one of the nicest humans on the planet. I met her at a book signing when she visited the UK in 2016, ah, she’s just the best! She gives great hugs too!

Bright Side:


Emma Hart
The Hollywoods Files Mysteries series is another favourite of mine. I just love everything about the world that was created for this entire series. I was hooked from the very fist chapter of book 1 and was very impatient waiting for the rest of the books to come out.

Twisted Bond:
Full Series:


Karin Slaughter
A friend of mine was the one who introduced me to the world of Karin Slaughter. This isn’t the type of genre I would have normally read. When I read the first book of her Grant County series, I was hooked. So much so, I have now read quite a few of her books, I think my total is up to 23, maybe?
Her writing style just sucks you in from the very first page and as much as I try to read other authors from the same genre, I always find myself comparing them with Karin’s books and never finishing them. I loved the Grant county series but not as much as the Will Trent series. Oh man, I am obsessed with this character and his entire world.

Grant County Full Series:
Will Trent Series (on-going):


Me Before You by JoJo Moyes:

The first book to make me openly sob whilst reading. The emotions that poured through me when I read this for the first time were unbelievable. Don’t even mention the movie!


Fifty Shades Series by EL James:

I first read this as, of course, Twilight fanfiction. I was so pleased when it was re-worked and published. I know this series gets a lot of criticism, but I honestly love it. It’s one of my go to books when I’m in a funk.